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Water Levels and Quality
The following link takes you to the Solano County Water District Water Quality Monitioring site:

Lake Berryessa Water Quality Monitoring

The following link takes you to a Web Site that gives detailed current and historical water level and rainfall data:

BOR Lake Berryessa Online.

The chart link below shows the high and low water levels for the past 43 years. The highest water level was 446.7 ft. on March 2, 1983 - 6.93 ft. over the lip of the Glory Hole. The lowest was 361.73 ft. on December 1, 1992 - 78.01 ft. below the lip of the Glory Hole. Water levels are given in feet above mean sea level. (Thanks to Don Burbey, Monticello Dam Supervisor, Solano Irrigation District.)

Data from these charts will provide a realistic basis on which to estimate shoreline set backs in the LBVSP as drawn up by the Task Force.

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